Over the last couple of years we have been working very hard on a new manufacturing process to bring you a towel that has a minimal impact on the environment. With the ever increasing plastic in our landfills and oceans, we felt a duty to do something about it.

Our towels are currently made from microfibre, which is produced from a polymer yarn and basically a form of plastic. The main reason microfibre is used for yoga towels is its amazing ability to absorb sweat and still maintain a gripping surface. No other material can do this. Therefore it’s not possible at this point in time to use an alternative material, but we can now produce it environmentally better.


8 Bottles.png
8 Bottles.png
Empty Plastic Bottles

Microfibre made from recycled plastic has been around for many years but the quality has been poor, with no guarantee it was even made using recycled plastic. That has now changed and we are proud to finally offer our customers a yoga towel made using 8 recycled bottles (85% recycled plastic). 

You’re probably thinking why not use 100% recycled material? The problem is that recycled microfibre loses its ability to absorb the same amount of moisture as new fabric so the 85/15 ratio makes it the perfect mix.


All our new collections are now made using the new recycled microfibre.  All our current collections will transition to the new fabric over the coming years so please bear with us during this transition. 

8 Bottles Process Grey.png


Fabric Rolls Factory

Dope dyed yarn is an environmentally friendly and efficient innovation in the dyeing process.

Instead of the usual batch dyeing, in which the yarn is knitted or weaved first into a fabric, which is then dyed as a whole, dope dyed yarn is the opposite. As the name suggests, the yarn itself is dyed to a pre-selected colour, which is then used to create the desired fabric.

Benefits of Dope-Dye

  • Fibres and filaments are coloured before weaving

  • Excellent colour fastness and resistant to UV fade

  • No water is used during the dope dyeing process

  • Substantial reduction in chemicals, carbon & energy

The technology is new and colours are limited. Our long term vision is to have all our towels produced using this process.